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What does it mean to connect with the feminine within?

The feminine within is an energy.   It is the yin in the yin and yang.   It is the soft flowing of emotions, it is the creative self, it is the right brain activities, the sensual, the listening to and following our gut instinct.

We do well being in balance with our masculine energy, the left brain focused attention.  However if we do not allow some feminine flow in, an ability to create a project, a baby, to listen to our emotional self and not discard it, follow our gut instinct then we may find we are stuck quite literally in an all action life with little or no flow or balance.

What are the Chakras?

We are all unique individuals and, all our past stories whether we consider them positive or not so positive, together with all our past experiences are stored in our subconscious.

This subconscious is the driver in our life.    The past stories and their related emotions get triggered time and time again and will continue to get triggered, whether we like it or not until we actually take a look at what is stored there and either: accept it or decide to change the story to get a better result.

When we work with our chakras we are working with our own unique energy centres.  We are accessing OUR stories, not anybody elses.   There are no judgements here, only of course the ones we may decide to add to our stories.   We can learn to put these judgments aside and access these energy centres, our personal energy centres and uncover the stories that are in each of the chakras.

Each chakra has an awareness attached to it.

First chakra …. What story we hold around belonging and our having the right to BE and to HAVE.   This being and having is in relation to our right to have what we need to survive.   If this foundation is not solid then all other awareness centres will remain tied into the awareness in this chakra or centre. Remember though we can change these stories.

Second chakra …. This awareness centre has to do with our ability to look honestly at our emotions.    Why do we get triggered by anger?  Why are we stuck in sadness?     It is also our creative centre; be that creating new life or creating a new dream.    When we learn to navigate this wonderful energy centre we can start to get the juices flowing in our life.

Third chakra … This awareness centre has to do with our personal power and how we hold that and perceive it.   Do we feel we have no power because of past events?  Do we feel someone has power over us?  Do we feel powerless to sell something we are trying to sell in business?   Do we feel powerless around our relationships?

Fourth chakra .. The awareness in relation to the heart chakra has as much to do with our ability to accept ourselves as we are (self love) as it has to do with our ability to be in relationship with others.   If our heart is not in our work, in our relationship or anything we are trying to do then .. well then our heart is not in it.

Fifth chakra … The awareness here has to do with how we communicate to others and equally to ourselves.   What is our self talk like?  How do we talk to others?    Words have a vibration and they are powerful.  This chakra also governs how we listen.

Sixth chakra … This awareness has to do with our ability to follow our gut instinct and discover how “we know what we know”.    It is our internal eye as opposed to our external eyes.   When we concentrate only on the outside we miss all the hidden treasures we have inside.

Seventh chakra … This awareness has to do with our ability to know we are connected to something greater than ourselves and our mind.   We have realised that by looking within we can access the tools to help us create our own reality.    We have realised that our actions have effect not alone on ourselves but on those around us.

Energy is universal and so is everything we do.

I start my next 7 week Journey Through the Chakra course on Monday the 13th of February 2017,  I chakra a week for 7 weeks which includes word document, guided meditation each week, Goddess to work with each week, essential oil and colour ideas.

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