Jenn Poniatowski:  Jenn’s path as a shaman is rooted in a deep and unshakeable love of nature and the cosmos. She has a particular affinity for Norse shamanism and for that reason has a talent for bringing the old stories to life in such a way that their application and relevance to our modern times is both empowering and practical. Jenn also has a deep understanding of god and goddess archetypes strongly influenced by mythologist, author and teacher, Joseph Campbell, as well as Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD psychiatrist and author and, the gods themselves. Jenn has taught successful classes on Norse runes and has integrated wisdom from the Plant Kingdom into her work. She was an apprentice, a TA for Robin Rice’s Shamanic & Soul Mentoring Apprenticeship as well as a group leader (Soul Concierge) for Robin’s Healing with Presence & Beauty program. She owns and operates the site and blog, Rune Journeys, has been a professional shaman for many years and enjoys the satisfaction that comes from seeing how effective this work is in people’s lives.


Wendy Weatherwax: Wendy’s work as a shaman, grandmother, teacher and tender of the Earth is one of service, compassion, and the expression of Kindness as a Way to wholeness. It is reflective of her favorite quote from Robin Rice, “The way you do anything is they way you do everything.” She holds these qualities and continues to actively reflect the highest standards of integrity in her work and other areas of her life. As a “Dreaming Shaman,” Wendy does many of her journeys in a dream state where she works with Spirit Guides who help locate fragmented soul parts to restore the client’s well being and life force. Wendy’s work over the past 30 years has been powerful and life changing for her students and clients, both human and animal. She has studied and taught classes in Astrology, Tarot, Mysticism, Spiritual Relationship and meditation through her private practice. Striving to bring a more cohesive blend of traditional and complimentary therapies, Wendy worked with therapists, doctors, nurses and other practitioners by doing Reiki Master/Teacher workshops and developed a program for medical practitioners to obtain CEUs for attending Reiki Workshops. She felt an intense calling to study with Robin Rice when Robin offered her Shamanic Apprenticeship and her Healing With Presence & Beauty program. Through these studies she was awakened to the deeper calling, her calling to service as a shaman, one who mentors, nourishes, and supports integration of the soul. Wendy holds space at her page, Dreamweaver Woman of Owls.

“I am the one who works in the dreamtime. The one with the stealth and vision of Owl diving into the darkness to restore the Soul.” —Wendy Weatherwax.


Laurie Rivera: Laurie’s background in healing began in the field of traditional allopathic medicine. Discovering her true path through Shamanism, she expanded her practice to healing the deep wounds of the soul. She is a current TA to Robin Rice’s The Art & Practice of Soul Mentoring course, a former shamanic apprentice, and has completed the Healing with Presence & Beauty program, a full immersion in mentoring, listening as an art form, and education in soul mapping. Her travels to Ireland and Costa Rica were retreats into spiritual and shamanic art and practice that expanded Laurie’s deep awareness of the soul of the landscape, and, landscape of the soul. Others have described her as “fully focused” and “soothing with a healing and comforting touch,” and also “extremely intelligent, connected to earthly things and other realms.” As a shaman, Laurie is direct and calm, and as such, students are naturally drawn to her for guidance, support and company. She loves to “talk shamanism” as a means of educating others of and on the path, and is a talented communicator, able to meet each person exactly where they are and respond to their needs. Find Laurie where she facilitates her community page, Serendipitous Soul Journeys.