When we create a positive change in ourselves and, when we do our work from a place of pure intention to help, then it certainly ripples out to the world in abundance.

This is certainly the case when it comes to Gareth Presch, Founder of the World Health Innovation Summit.  This is a collaboration of all sorts of people from those in business to those engaged in therapies and water safety.   The World Health Innovation Summit provides a platform for sharing all things health and wellness and is delivered through WHISkids, WHISeniors, WHISGreen and WHIS in the workpace amongst many other ways!!

Gareth gives us a first hand account of how he brought his knowledge from healthcare management and strategy into the world of health and well-being firstly into his own local community and, then tells us how it rippled across the world from India to Thailand and from America to Greece.  By collaborating with those in our communities, we take the pressure of our overworked health care systems.

Gareth is an inspiration in so many ways.  Enjoy the conversation to learn more.