About Gareth Presch 

#hellomynameis Gareth Presch (Founder)  World Health Innovation Summit CIC Mr Gareth Presch, holds a BA Hons in healthcare management. A problem solver and healthcare strategist who has experience working in public, private and voluntary healthcare settings in the NHS and abroad. Patient focused and quality driven. Having previously worked as the Chief Officer of the National Haemophilia Council a statutory body in Ireland. Gareth has also managed National Clinical Programmes on Blood Transfusion (Establishment of the National Blood Transfusion Committee), Haemochromatosis and the Endoscopy improvement programme. He has advised and been a member of a number of successful charity fundraising campaigns (Kops 4 Kidz, Great Garda Run, Tania McCabe Foundation etc)  in the past and continues to support charitable causes locally, nationally and internationally.

He has advised businesses in marketing, social media strategies and governance successfully in the past. He previously worked in the NHS in eHealth and as a District Nursing Service Lead and was a Member of the Cumbria Rural Health Forum, Steering Group Member of CPFT Good Causes and is an active member of the Carlisle Ambassadors community.

Winner of the Carlisle Living Innovation Award 2016 & special recognition award Zenith Global Healthcare 2016.

Visit the WHIS web site http://www.worldhealthinnovationsummit.com to find out more.