Dr Mark Rowe

My name is Dr Mark Rowe, and this is my story…

I began my career as a family doctor over twenty years ago. All was well for a few years until disaster struck.

An act of mindless vandalism saw my practice burned to the ground. It was this setback, this challenge, that, first, made me aware that perhaps I wasn’t as robust as I had previously thought, and second, that I was going to fix that, and in doing so, transform my life. Within eighteen months, I had moved into a new purpose built facility, but more importantly, I had gone on a journey of healing, and of fortifying, my mind and body. Greatly energised and inspired by my transformation I went on to develop the multi-award winning Waterford Health Park, and was invited to become a member of ‘Leading by Design’, a global initiative focused on improving wellbeing through optimising the environments in which we live and work. It was at this point my efforts were becoming noticed and so I finally acquiesced to requests to leave the surgery to spread the word, developing my ‘Prescription for Happiness’ and subsequently becoming an internationally recognised thought leader and highly sought-after keynote speaker.

“Kindness-give to live; live to give.”

While my transformation had been greatly beneficial to my life, I was beginning to become disillusioned by what I was seeing in my practice day in, day out. I was becoming aware of an increase in lifestyle related illnesses, and too often seeing negativity and pessimism among my patients. I was uncomfortable with the numbers of people on long term medication after a certain age, and indeed the increasing call for medication to deal with periods of depression or stress. It was also becoming abundantly clear to me that those patients with a positive mental attitude were far more resilient when dealing with illness, while those who seemed despondent or negative seemed far more susceptible. I decided that if I wanted to see a change that I was going to have to implement it myself.

The culture of ‘a pill for every ill’ simply wasn’t working, I knew there had to be another way.

I immersed myself in the body of work of philosophers, both Eastern and Western, to gain insight into the thousands of years of knowledge that is available in the world about finding inner harmony. It began to give credence to what I had been seeing anecdotally through my patients and my personal experience. I gained a new appreciation for the interconnectedness of all things, how harmony and balance can be achieved through self-awareness and lifestyle choices. I began to combine what I had learned with my years of experience as an M.D. and develop a framework that I knew could vastly improve the lives of the people I worked with every day. It was this combination of age-old wisdom, positive psychology, and modern medicine that provided the framework for what would become my vision of ‘Transformation’.

Knowing my ultimate goal was to create a framework which could allow people to live happier, healthier, more fulfilled lives I created my four pillars of health which are Emotional, Spiritual, Psychological, and Physical. Through the nurturing of each of these elements of our lives we can truly give ourselves the tools to reach our full potential, to realise our dreams.

My story is one of possibility and of positivity. When we are young we are imbued with a natural sense of wonder and possibility, and we are energised and motivated by a sense of mystery about what we can achieve. Our lives and our culture often cause us to lose this optimism, but through knowledge and action it can be regained, and it can change the way we see the world for ever. Not only does this greatly benefit our own lives but it acts as a contagion, benefitting the lives of those around us.

I whole-heartedly believe that we each have the potential to live full, positive, and rewarding lives in which we never stop dreaming, learning, and embracing new challenges.

We can achieve this by implementing an educated approach to caring for ourselves holistically and becoming aware of negative lifestyle choices that are normalised in society but detrimental to our wellbeing. You have the power to improve your health, improve your relationships, increase your energy and positivity, break free from old habits, and become a shining example to your loved ones. I have made it my life’s work to create a recipe for success, so that everyone can experience the profound benefits of Transformation.

That is the story of how I took control of my life, now it’s time to begin writing yours.

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