Dolores Andrew Gavin is the owner of an international health and wellness community known as Irishhealthhour. She is a soul care practitioner, health and wellness blogger, energy therapist, EFT Master Practitioner and the author of two mythological children’s books.

Dolores lives in the west coast of Ireland with her two sons.  She has taken her passion for helping people change their stories to a new level by creating the Global Emotional Health Summit.  This Summit brings together experts in various fields including emotional intelligence, dream work, community builders, energy therapists etc. that can empower people make the changes they want to make.

“Once we are aware we can change, then we can change”, says Dolores.

After almost two decades working in the legal world Dolores changed career and followed her passion for making natural remedies and studied various energy therapies after having her children.   She also studied contemporary shamanism and soul mentoring.

She has a huge passion for working with children and teaching them how to navigate, what may feel for them an emotional labyrinth. She developed the emotional tree on her website to help children in this regard. Her self published books help children with common emotional issues children have growing up.