Dolores Andrew-Gavin

I have a passion for all things emotional health and that is one of the reasons I founded the Global Emotional Health Summit.

With a background in law but a huge interest in all things health and wellness I changed career after having my children.    I wrote and published my first children’s book when my eldest son was 6 and went on to publish a second one the following year.  Both books along with the associated web site aim to show children how to manage their emotional needs.

On this Summit I speak about Owning Our Own Life Story and I go through how our stories are formed and how we can find out where we are stuck with our stories by looking at our own energy centers known as the chakras to help with our journey.

I also do some grounding work for you and teach you how to put a protective barrier around yourself to protect yourself from the negative energy of others.

I have learned through my own personal journey that we can change what we perceive as negative stories once we start on the road of owning where we are now and deciding to intentionally change our story to a better one.

Thanks for joining me at The Global Emotional Health Summit.