Dolores Andrew-Gavin is an Author, Soul Care Practitioner, Energy Therapist and Owner of IrishHealthHour a national/international health and wellness community.

She is also the founder of the Global Emotional Health Summit.

Dolores created this summit to bring together experts to share their knowledge and empower us to discuss our emotions, navigate what we might consider to be rough terrain in our lives and to find ways to help us to overcome what is holding us back in our lives.

Dolores has been an energy therapist for many years and as well as working with adults in person and via Skype, enjoys working with children.  Through her website she helps children to understand better what they are feeling, where their emotions are coming from and then to change their actions thus empowering them to make better choices to bring about better results for themselves.

She is a storyteller and mythological shaman with a love for helping people change the stories they are living in to bring peace and joy back to their lives.