Angela Wright

Angela Wright is the founder of Colour Affects – a colour consultancy based in London, which has been successfully applying colour psychology since 1985.

A lifetime fascination with the effects of colour on mood and behaviour led her to study psychoanalytical psychotherapy at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton, England before going to California, USA, to explore the dynamics of colour.

On her return, she opened the consultancy with the sole objective of testing her radically diffferent colour theory empirically and found that it held true consistently.

She has applied it in all areas of design – graphic, interior, branding, personal, product and web – with remarkable results. For  example, when she designed a colour palette for a new electrical superstore, with the specific brief to convert ‘sightseers’ to purchasers, the takings on the launch day broke all previous records.

Ms Wright frequently features on radio and television, in magazines and newspaper articles. Her book, The Beginner’s Guide to Colour Psychology, written in 1995, is in its seventh reprint* (the second edition sold out in just twelve days).

*Just gone out of print again – only used copies available at the moment.

Find out more about Angela at her website here.