The Global Emotional Health Summit starts tomorrow.

My aim to bring together experts in their respective fields to chat about all things heath and wellness with an emphasis on emotional and mental health has come together in a way that has surpassed my dream.

To help ensure you do not miss a speaker you would love to hear I am doing a little blog each day over the next few days to go through what the speakers will chat about.

Stewart Pearce speaks to us so eloquently about creating our own signature note.

“That point of harmony right in the center of our bodies that when we produce it we automatically feel in harmony”. 

Stewart explains how sound is an immensely powerful energy and states “sound crystalizes intention, just as crystals are solidified sound”! It is an extremely high vibrational call.

Laurel Herman.  “The kitchen is the womb of the house”

Laurel Herman speaks to us about energy and food and how we can bring harmonious energy into our food by watching our emotions when we are cooking.  She also introduces the vibration of music to add another energetic level.

“Food should never be an argument” Laurel explains to us.   We can strive to have a sense of peace in all aspects of our lives as well as when we are in the act of creating a meal.

Laurel cooks up a simple dish for us and helps us realise we can get REAL comfort from our food.  Like when we eat comfort food that does not nourish us at times, well Laurel helps us realise we can cook up food infused with this comforting, nourishing  vibration in it.

Dr. Mark Rowe is a practising GP in Ireland.

Dr. Rowe speaks to us about transforming our health and wellness with his four pillars of transformation.   He empowers us to write our own prescription for happiness and well-being.  He gives  us easy to do daily practices to empower us to make a start.

He has a fresh honest approach to health and it is wonderful to hear a GP speak about health and wellness in such a manner.

You can find the speaker schedule here.

Be back with more updates soon and thanks for taking this journey with me.

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Founder Global Emotional Health Summit, Founder of IrishHealthHour, Author, Soul Care Practitioner, Energy Therapist and Mum.