The Global Emotional Health Summit commences on Monday.

My aim to bring together experts in their respective fields to chat about all things heath and wellness with an emphasis on emotional and mental health has come together in a way that has surpassed my dream.

To help ensure you do not miss a speaker you would love to hear I am doing a little blog each day over the next few days to go through what the speakers will chat about.

Helene Scott speaks to us on being emotionally mindful when creating our soulful business.  We can use our emotions like doubt to help us build a bridge to success and see it as something we can use to propel us forward!  She encourages us to build our business our way and in alignment with our true north.   She also gives us a template to work with to find our own true north!

Joanne Sweeney-Burke Marialice Curran  Both these ladies come to the Summit with a vast amount of experience in the digital space. Marialice Curran is the Founder of the Digital Citizenship Summit and Joanne Sweeney-Burke is the Founder of Digital Training Institute.  On the call they speak to us about digital citizenship and explain to us exactly what it is and the value of incorporating it into the workplace.

Mary Thompson introduces us to what an ayurvedic lifestyle is.  She explains how the five elements work, explains the doshas and tells us about the importance of knowing and working with our constitution for emotional and physical health.  When we work with what our bodies actually need, the outcome for our heath and wellness is profound.

Tamara Gerlach speaks to us on being Feminine, Fluid & Sensual.   These are words that can often cause confusion because of the way they are “perceived”.   However Tamara speaks openly about how to be feminine, fluid and sensual and helps us to realise they are all attainable.   She brings us on a journey of understanding how important it is to bring flow to our lives in order to find balance.   She also does a wonderful light activation meditation with us.

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Founder of Global Emotional Health Summit speaks to us on “Owning our Life Story”.   When we become aware of where we are and how we got there then we can be empowered to change our stories if we want different results.
We also learn about how our stories and emotions get triggered.

You can find the speaker schedule here.

Be back with more updates soon and thanks for taking this journey with me.

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Founder Global Emotional Health Summit, Founder of IrishHealthHour, Author, Soul Care Practitioner, Energy Therapist and Mum.