In a little over a week the Global Emotional Health Summit will commence.

My aim to bring together experts in their respective fields to chat about all things heath and wellness with an emphasis on emotional and mental health has come together in a way that has surpassed my dream.

To help ensure you do not miss a speaker you would love to hear I am doing a little blog each day over the next few days to go through what the speakers will chat about.

Dr. Mary Lamia is our first speaker on the Summit.   She speaks to us honestly about friending our emotions because, as she explains our emotions are actually our motivators!  Yes our emotions are driving our actions.  She also speaks to many different emotions and speaks about the various emotions that can come up for people in their relationships.  She is the author of a wonderful children’s book which helps children understand their feelings better.

Robert Moss has a power of knowledge to tell us on soul loss and how we can retrieve lost soul parts through active dreaming.   He speaks to us about deciphering what our night dreams are trying to tell us, what story in our life is trying to make a come back, what lost soul part is trying to be uncovered.   He also speaks to us about dream re-entry and his very popular sidewalk tarot!     Robert is a great story teller and this is a very enjoyable interview!

Raven Keyes is a Medical Reiki teacher and practitioner.  She began her Medical Reiki in the theatre of Dr. Oz in America.   Raven explains to us the benefits of having Reiki performed at such times as surgeries.   She also speaks about the advancements in research that is being undertaken by doctors in America about the power of Medical Reiki.   She also does two guided meditations for us from her books.   She is beginning to travel around the world now teaching her Medical Reiki and is coming to Glastonbury in England later this year.  I can’t wait (I am actually doing Aromadance during the weekend in Glastonbury)

Dr. Bradley Nelson speaks to us on how emotions get stuck in our energy body.    We often hear the term “emotional baggage”, well Dr. Nelson explains to us how we can get to the root of this emotional baggage and rid ourselves of it!   He also introduces us to the “heart wall” which is something that any of us can build around our heart centre in a bid to protect ourselves.    It is a hugely informative call and he also gives us a free audio copy of his book “The Emotion Code”.

Angela Wright speaks to us about colour psychology.    We all know what colours make us feel good, we can be naturally drawn to some colours and this is because colour is an energy and has an effect on us!   She speaks to us about the different personality types and what colours each type are drawn to.   We can use colour to help us both professionally in what we show the world via our web presence and personally with what we wear and surround ourselves with.

You can find the speaker schedule here .

Be back with more updates soon and thanks for taking this journey with me.

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Founder Global Emotional Health Summit, Founder of IrishHealthHour, Author, Soul Care Practitioner, Energy Therapist and Mum.