In a little over a week the Global Emotional Health Summit will commence.

My aim to bring together experts in their respective fields to chat about all things heath and wellness with an emphasis on emotional and mental health has come together in a way that has surpassed my dream.

To help ensure you do not miss a speaker you would love to hear I am doing a little blog each day over the next few days to go through what the speakers will chat about.

Belonging is something that we often feel like we have to strive for, a place or destination that when we get there we feel like all will be well.   Dream expert and Author Toko-pa Turner speaks to us about the competencies of belonging which brings meaning and hope to all of us!  She is such an inspiration to listen to and speaks with grace and ease on how we can weave our understanding of our emotional state around belonging into the tapestry of our everyday lives.  One to watch for sure!

Gareth Presch has a vision for better healthcare, not alone in his own community but a better healthcare system for all, no matter where we are.   He is the Founder of the World Health Innovation Summit which is a platform for collaboration and which is unique in that it brings together people from every sector of the community and also the corporations, the business community and those who offer their volunteering services.   It is a truly unique and inspiring story hearing how his vision is already being spread far and wide in the world.  

Abby Wynne explains to us that we are where we are on our own personal unique journey and, that all the emotions we are experiencing no matter how we perceive them, are part of this journey.   She explains to us that having more skills as to how to manage what we may feel are obstacles and learning how to transform them are very useful.   She goes through a lovely guided meditation with us to help us bring back parts of ourselves that others may have taken either consciously or unconsciously.  We also release emotions that are not ours. We also give ourselves permission to release ourselves from our emotional entanglements and anchor ourselves where we want to be.   She also includes taking back the emotions we may have dumped on others.

Phillip Shepherd speaks to us about lowering our consciousness .. right into our pelvic bowl.  This same pelvic bowl that is honoured in many other cultures yet not so in ours!    We go on a journey into our internal realm with Phillip, he talks about our capacity for felt relationship, for bringing in and allowing what we sense with our senses to be integrated into our body.    The pelvic bowl is the feminine part of us which needs to be balanced and integrated with our masculine part.   It is a powerful conversation on living more consciously and from a place where we learn to be with and, be in relationship with all of our senses.

You can find the speaker schedule here .

Be back with more updates soon and thanks for taking this journey with me.

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Founder Global Emotional Health Summit, Founder of IrishHealthHour, Author, Soul Care Practitioner, Energy Therapist and Mum.